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"The secret to happiness is the lack of envy"



Interviewed by his daughter, Carmen Fernández de Córdoba Martos.

Hi Dad, tell us, what did you think when Ricardo spoke to you the first time about the Zoe in Yourself program? ... what surprised you about this initiative?

Whenever I hear people say "I know my children well," I think I'm dealing with a naive person. I think that is impossible. I would never have imagined that Ricardo would be in charge of a program like Zoe in Yourself. I thought it was one of his typical jokes, now I am still surprised and deeply proud.

According to you, what is the secret to having a happy life and what has been an important moment in your life?

The secret to happiness is to lack envy. Settle for what you have. Do not nudge to achieve your goals. And be lucky with your family. I don't think I have had stellar moments, but if I chose one, I would mention one that, despite its modesty, and due to very special family circumstances, marked a milestone in my self-esteem: passing, the first time, the Revalidation or State Examination of the plan of the 38.

When you retired, why did you decide to go to collaborate with organizations that support different causes?

Although in my 24 years at Agroman I felt very happy, I really liked my work, I believed in it, I chose my team, I applied my knowledge… I felt very good. I can't say the same for my years exporting shoes. I suffered a lot. When I retired, I had the absolute need to feel free, travel, see different people, etc, etc and that is why I began to enroll in different NGOs. All very humble because in the renowned ones they did not even receive you ... large offices ... very important characters always gathered, etc. I met my goals. I did do things for others but the "why" was quite selfish.

What experiences do you consider most relevant in your life and what learning did they leave you with?

Getting to know some more endearing people every day who turned out to be my children. They are the work and vocation of her mother whom I joined 58 years ago and of whom I still cannot conceive of life without her by my side. I never thought of being a father. I do not feel paternity as such term is understood. I was feeling responsible for those beings without feeling any regret. Everything was happening without thinking about it and so I was learning a part of life that I was totally unaware of.

With all the information available now, what degree would you have liked to study and why?

Film director without hesitation.

If you had to choose a character from the 20th century, who would it be and why?

I would not like to be anyone other than who I am. Not even Clint Eastwood

What would you say to people who collaborate with platforms like Zoe In Yourself?

I envy them, am I contradicting myself?

What question would you have liked to have had in this questionnaire?

What do I think of marriage? (Laughs)

Who is your favorite daughter?

The one that needs me at any given moment.

Love in times of pandemic

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