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Ten Zoe questions to Ana Pinto, Super Member of our Charity.

Hello Ana, thank you very much for your time and giving us the opportunity to chat with you. Tell us a little about yourself, Colombian in Miami? What does this city transmit to you?

Miami for me is what I call my home ... here I feel like a citizen of the world, I appreciate the diversity, the weather, the opportunities to meet people from all over the world is almost like traveling the world without leaving home.

We know that you are a very dedicated person to people who have not had the same opportunities as many of us. You have recently joined the Zoe In Yourself team. How do you think you can contribute?

I am dedicated to my work and my daughter. I work as an independent broker and I really like what I do because I give myself the opportunity to meet thousands of people helping them achieve their real estate investment goals and at the same time I can give my daughter all the attention she deserves. My daughter is the main engine of my existence my guardian angel my sweet company!

It must be very nice for you to be contacted by an NGO as a key element for its development and help those most in need. How you feel?

The enthusiasm and good energy that comes from my heart to help people in need

Could you outline the basic pillars of your work for us?

It gives me great satisfaction to be part of an NGO that is truly committed to its mission. I've always wanted to help and Zoe is giving me this great opportunity to do it.

Miami is said to be a superficial city, do you agree? Or do you think there is a lot of "light" in this city, and not just because of the good weather.

My innate commitment to want to give and help others without expecting anything in return.

Do you think Zoe In Yourself can change that image of shallow Miami and party, and take things a bit towards the real talent we have in the city?

Miami is a relatively new city that has not stopped growing and expanding in many areas. Perhaps the stigma of "Miami Vice" has remained forever as a symbol of the city of leisure but really those of us who live here generally lead a real life ... and enjoy the true essence of the city. But of course, it is. Miami is a city that vibrates for its cultural diversity where most of us are Latino and our Latino essence is to be warm and we like to help. Many people will identify as Zoe in yourself and of course they will want to contribute their bit to the cause

What would you say to our readers, if they wanted to help with Zoe In Yourself.

I would show with facts the work that Zoe is doing by showing them images, videos and inviting them to come and see what Zoe is doing

Why this charity, what makes it special to you.

The mission that Zoe in yourself represents, which means getting the best out of you, always choosing the best option even when you're in the background ...

If you had to ask yourself something in this interview. What would you ask?

What is the meaning of going through life thinking only of yourself and our own benefit?

It does not make any sense; human beings are there to help each other but we fall into absolute selfishness and we forget that we cannot be anything without others.

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

To our super cook Silvana Buitrago

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