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Ten facts about Carmen Fernandez de Cordoba Martos

We have found out that you are a person ... let's say ... very spiritual, is that true?

Well, thank you for believing it...but honestly I don't think I am!haha...... I believe that more than BEING spiritual, it's WALKING a Machado said "...el camino se hace al andar..." and of course, this path, is like all of them, it has holes, stones, ups and downs! ...but without a doubt, it is worthwhile to travel it in the sense of living life with a greater connection to one's true interests, or what is the same, to live more connected and to broaden one's gaze, not only towards oneself, but towards a local, communal and global environment.

How do you apply your spirituality on a daily basis. Many people think that it is a waste of time, or that it does not give money. What do you have to say about this?

I believe that true wealth is to connect with your own consciousness and get out of the stereotypes that have us, as a society more and more alone and more empty regardless of the material wealth you have.

Why did you decide to collaborate with a charity. Was it something you always wanted?

The opportunity to contribute to Zoe came at a very special time in my life where I can see beyond my own personal sphere and comfort zone. To look up and understand the injustice that lies behind all inequality. Receiving a quality education in order to get ahead and having the opportunity to have health care should be among the most fundamental rights of people. Level the playing field so that everyone can be the master of their own destiny.

So far but so close. How can you help so much from so far, and at the same time, it seems that you are so close? What is your secret?

Today more than ever the pandemic has brought to the table the irrelevance of borders. We are all feeling that we are part of the same thing, citizens of the same territory called Earth, and that borders obey, above all, political rather than human agreements.

What would you say to those people who have not yet gotten involved? Become members ... donate?

We all have the opportunity to contribute, either by donating or participating in the Discussion Tribes to start generating a new discourse that is born from society itself and not from the political platforms. How can we break the inequality, how can we collaborate so that the food that ends up being incinerated ends up in shelters, how can we avoid so much social network and turn it into a human network of intentions and actions? There are so many issues to address and Zoeinyourself is as good a platform as any to start making a difference

We know that you are valuing working with Zoe in Yourself in Chile. In any specific area? Children, low-income people, nature?

I would love to approach it from Education. I believe that real inequality occurs when you do not offer the same educational conditions to children regardless of their social background. The next Einsten or Tesla may have been born in a town or suburb and not discovered for lack of opportunities to emerge.

Do you think Zoe In Yourself would have the same success in Chile that is having in the US?

There are more and more people who realize that differences are made from concrete actions and these people are spread, fortunately, in any part of the world.

What is the main problem you see in Chile in which Zoe In Yourself could have a greater impact?

Access to quality education from basic levels of education, especially in public schools.

Ask yourself a question.

How to expand the network of people truly committed to change in Education and inequality?

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

I nominate Virginia Portocarrero, a friend raised in Peru with residence in Chile who has always found time to take care of the logistics of various aid and shelter centers. A great person, a great friend and a better mom.

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