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Patricio Bianchi, entrepreneur at 96: “This is not a matter of age; it is an attitude of life”.

He worked for 32 years at the Stock Exchange. Then in fruit and wine exports. When he retired from that, his idea - contrary to what everyone thought - was far from resting. In 2016 he set up a restaurant in Providencia, of which he made the person who had done domestic service in his house a partner. Patricio Bianchi is still at it, in charge of administration and finances.

“Entrepreneurship is an attitude of life,” he says, vital, with almost a century on top and it is important to have partners, it is one of the rules I follow for an entrepreneurship. Things are going to come up that were not previously thought of, so the decision of two brains is much better than that of one. There is less chance of making a mistake.

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