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Duty vs Opportunity

When we speak of the moral duty to help others, the word "duty" carries certain negative connotations, and it detracts from the opportunity to place ourselves at the service of others.

To have the disposition, the time and the desire to place ourselves in the MOMENT requires us to overcome our daily inertia and observe our deficiencies in this matter. We must realize that we are living an agitated present where the absence of these words shows the true poverty, that of some souls engrossed in their own survival.

To be human should be more than to keep us alive. To be human is to be able to maintain our human gestures that are expressed as joy, collaboration, generosity, attention and empathy with the environment. In the capacity to share and help others in situations of extreme poverty we show the gesture of human survival and to understand that the moral community goes beyond attending to one's own and family needs and reaches transnational borders as members of a global community.

These values are behind Zoe in Yourself. A foundation that,now, is based in Miami but that seeks to be a meeting point where we can take this effort of hope and community to other points of the planet because its spirit is universal and not local.

Wherever you are from, you are welcome to Zoe in yoursel!!

From this platform we want to be a meeting point with other people who want to add ideas on how to fight inequality, how to rethink the distribution of food so that it does not end up being incinerated and how to access better educational conditions so that we stop fighting the effect of poverty and start thinking about the causes that provoke it.

Zoe inyoursel is your meeting point AT other meeting points.

Break your inertia and join us!

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