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Discover Andrea de la Herran Coombs

Good morning Andrea, first of all to thank you for your donation to Zoe in Yourself, I know that you have us very present but I take the opportunity to remind our readers that for every 10 dollars they donate, Zoe In Yourself equals that amount by giving a meal quality for 6 people or shelter and food for 2 people.

So lets beging! Ready?



We know that it is not the first time that you decided to help. Tell us about it?

The truth is that I have always believed a lot in the union to help people who at some point in their lives cannot have basic needs, both financially and personally due to health, loneliness ... I have been contributing for several years already. It’s takes just a little effort to help foundations or NGOs that help make the world better. As a volunteer I am with the National Organization of the Spanish Blind (ONCE) and the Spanish Red Cross in projects in which I can support.

What motivates you to click the donate button. What is going through your head at that moment?

What goes through my head is that I am going to contribute a bit so that someone can live a little better, and with the hope that little by little they will improve the quality of their life. Always thinking that it is helping people like you and me.

I agree, many times we forget this can happen to any of us.

Many people may think; Well surely others will already donate, or why would I help if there is not a solution to the problem. What would you tell them?

I would tell them that every effort counts, it doesn’t matter how big is that effort, they all add up. At the end you get a mountain of efforst and the good thing about each donation, no matter how small, is that it will reach at least one person in need. I would tell them to think about that smile that is achieved when a person receives something as basic as a plate of food to be able to fight in their day and to be able to have hope to continue and achieve an improvement in their life.

That’s very true, we have been told that the families we help in Miami Rescue Mission love what we are doing for them.

We know that you work Organizing Medical Events, and that you are very good at it. But nevertheless now things have changed with the coronavirus and you are working from home. What have we learned from all this?

In my field, we have gone from organizing face-to-face meetings that were held in hotels and conference centers, to celebrating those meetings in online format. What has been learned after such an abrupt and radical change is to adapt to the circumstances, to reinvent yourself and to be very open to train at high speed to achieve the objective that was to be able to hold the same medical meetings that are an instrument for progress in your knowledge. Doctors have also had this vision of adaptation to circumstances and have been open to new tools and virtual platforms.

Ok, lets get more personal. Our readers love to know about their members.

Oh well…


You are a great reader. Recommend us a book and why.

"The old man and the sea" by Ernest Hemingway. In a simple way, when reading it, you can feel the constancy and the fight against adversity.

And also another book that I have very much in mind now, that I have just read, is “Pandora's Message” by Javier Sierra. By reading it, you improve your peace of mind since you come to better understand the moment we live in now that it is altering the balance of the world.

Tell us something that you know that we do not know about you. The theme is free.

I love playing basket with my socks into my shoes when going to bed.

Hahahaha I can see you are very good at it.

Not bad, not bad.

If you could make a wish, and if revealing that wish it would came true…. (before I end my question Andrea replies)

At this time, 2020, that we ensure that the virus and its consequences do not quench our spirits.

Very good answer.

Ok, and on the contrary, if you could have the ability to undo something negative that has happened in the history of humanity, you would undo...

I would undo the introduction of new technologies or slow it down a bit, I mean don’t get me wrong it has many advantages in some fields, but in others…. I feel that we can lose the human relationship.

Ok, I love this section because I don’t have to do anything, hahaha


If you could ask yourself a question in this interview? What would you ask to yourself?

What dance would you like to learn to dance?

Interesting!!!! So? What is the answer to your question?

Hahahaha am I interviewing myself? well… Swing, tap dance and ballroom dancing.

Who do you nominate for the next interview?

Nominate Soledad Mena, a great friend of Spain, journalist, supporting various social projects and running a Reading Club.

Ok Soledad, get ready, you are next!!!

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